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One month before CanCast 2024

It’s one month to go before CanCast 2024 and I’m starting to breathe a little easier now that my shipment of books has arrived. I’ve also put some time in to make another 100 jigs, and will continue to build up stock over the next 30 days. I’ve also ordered some limited apparel, with some T-shirts on the way. I’m excited and nervous for this show, being my second ever, and the biggest show I’ll take part in this year.The whole community has been super supportive as I navigate these outdoor shows. From the guidance of the promoters, to the helping hands and advice I’ve received from other vendors and small businesses in the industry, I can begin to express my gratitude. Even the graphic here was tweaked by one of the other exhibitors (Wes from WamBaits Canada) of the show once I expressed my lack of finesse in the Photoshop and marketing department.

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Coming Soon: The Rock Knocker

Do my river jigs work? Designed to hold up to the rigors of being dragged across the rocky River bottom, the prototype Rock Knocker jig has caught me dozens of smallmouth bass over 18 inches this season alone. From it’s compact design, the simple round head design that forces its way through rocks, and the stout 3/0 hook that won’t bend out when you get into a real jam, the Rock Knocker will outlast any finess river jig on the market.

I’m happy to launch the Rock Knocker this season at the Made in Canada Tackle Show and CanCast 2024. Look for them to be online sometime in April.