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400th Copy Sold!

A big thanks to Average Ontario Anglers Podcast and SmallieTalk Podcast for their early support. The nods from these two accounts (Jessie, Andrew, Josh, Chris) are what really kickstarted books sales in Canada and the US respectively. Who’s winning? It’s close, but the 🇺🇲 is ahead by a small margin.

A special shoutout goes to Kayak Bass Canada team members who have shown amazing support. Also PaddleHeads and River Run Podcast for kicking off 2024 media coverage and helping raise the profile of Mighty Smallmouth even farther. Thanks to KWC Bassmasters and The Brantford Library for opportunities to speak to the public. Wam Baits Canada, William Larson, Leslie Ann, Stix n Stones, and Brad-Scott for all the support and the shares. And of course Kyle Carruthers from CanCast Fishing for his efforts to elevate small, local brands in the fishing industry.

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Brantford Public Library

The Brantford Public Library has asked me to speak as part of a fishing series in support of their new fishing tackle lending library. Since early childhood libraries have been a central part of my being; whether it was to research a school paper, read the latest fiction, get the latest copy of Ontario Out of Doors, picking up books for the kids… Over years libraries have adapted with the times, lending music, audio books, power tools, sporting equipment and more. So when I heard that The Brantford Library was lending fishing equipment, I was overjoyed at their initiative. I’m pleased that their research led them to my book, Mighty Smallmouth, and that they reached out to me for the speaking engagement.

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I’ve got the (SKS) goods

I was able to stop by SKS Custom Baits last night to pick up his product for the show. I’m super excited to give Steve’s baits a little booth space at CanCast 2024 to help get another local Ontario tackle crafter out there (or out there again in Steve’s case). So many of the small businesses out there have helped me along the way (you know who you are) and I’m happy to be able to pay it forward.

Look for Steve and his family at the show, they’ll all be wearing SKS branded hoodies. And stop by booth 71 and see a sample of the baits and colors he can whip up for you.

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500 Jigs!

Nothing like grinding it out right up to the wire. I’ve got 150 books and 500 jigs plus plastics from SKS Custom Baits all ready for you at CanCast 2024. I’m looking forward to seeing you all there!

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Introducing (again) SKS Custom Baits

I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be carrying a great line of products from SKS Baits at CanCast 2024. I met Steve at the KWS Bassmaster club on the night of my talk and realized the opportunity for a collaboration. Steve has recently got back into bait making after a decades-long hiatus. With renewed energy and passion, Steve is back with a vengeance and the timing couldn’t be better. Along with books, Seydoggy jigs, and branded apparel, I will proudly carry SKS Custom Baits to help get Steve’s name out there. Join me in welcoming Steve back to bait making, and give him a follow on Instagram.

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Unisex Hoodies now Available

My wife kept asking for hoodies, so I’ve got hoodies now. Choose from a wide variety of colors to suite your style. Everyone needs a cozy go-to hoodie to curl up in, so go for one that’s soft, smooth, and stylish. It’s the perfect choice for cooler evenings!

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New Hats Available

Check out the store for some new hat designs. The camo hats are gone in favor of trucker hats. I’ve got the Mighty Smallmouth hats in blue and gold stitching on select hat colors, and a logo hat available on most hat colors.

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One month before CanCast 2024

It’s one month to go before CanCast 2024 and I’m starting to breathe a little easier now that my shipment of books has arrived. I’ve also put some time in to make another 100 jigs, and will continue to build up stock over the next 30 days. I’ve also ordered some limited apparel, with some T-shirts on the way. I’m excited and nervous for this show, being my second ever, and the biggest show I’ll take part in this year.The whole community has been super supportive as I navigate these outdoor shows. From the guidance of the promoters, to the helping hands and advice I’ve received from other vendors and small businesses in the industry, I can begin to express my gratitude. Even the graphic here was tweaked by one of the other exhibitors (Wes from WamBaits Canada) of the show once I expressed my lack of finesse in the Photoshop and marketing department.

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Coming Soon: The Rock Knocker

Do my river jigs work? Designed to hold up to the rigors of being dragged across the rocky River bottom, the prototype Rock Knocker jig has caught me dozens of smallmouth bass over 18 inches this season alone. From it’s compact design, the simple round head design that forces its way through rocks, and the stout 3/0 hook that won’t bend out when you get into a real jam, the Rock Knocker will outlast any finess river jig on the market.

I’m happy to launch the Rock Knocker this season at the Made in Canada Tackle Show and CanCast 2024. Look for them to be online sometime in April.