Mighty Smallmouth: Catching Big Bass on Small Water


SIGNED COPY! Few forms of fishing are as accessible as wading in your local river or creek with a fishing pole and bait. No other quarry on the river is as elusive, nor as exciting to catch as the smallmouth bass. Join Adam Merrifield as he shows how time of day, interesting river features and signs of natural activity can lead you to catch the river smallmouth of your life. Adam breaks down how bass behavior changes through the seasons, which river features and structures within will provide ideal habitat, and what the local wildlife can tell you about what’s happening below the water. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned angler, this book will teach you the finer points to catching bigger smallmouth bass on smaller rivers and streams. No fancy gear, no expensive tackle, just you, nature and keen observation.

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SIGNED COPY! It is often said that pound-for-pound there is no fish that fights harder, and longer than the Smallmouth Bass. There is nothing like the heart-stopping blow up on a top-water lure, or the freight train impact when a tank of a smallie hits your spinnerbait. A quick search on YouTube and you’ll find countless hours of great smallmouth action, leaping out of the water, digging hard as they dive for cover, or head shakes hard enough to peel the line off of the spool. It’s easy to see what makes these fish such an irresistible target species.

Whether you’re wading through a stream, fishing from shore, or lazily drifting in a kayak, this book will show you how to use fundamentals, not fancy gear, to help you catch bigger fish. Spring, summer or fall, these chapters will help build your confidence in locating and catching trophy smallmouth bass, using nothing more than keen observation, the simplest of gear, and a deep understanding of time of day, interesting features, and signs of activity.

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